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Eerie Mienai Kao

Peculiar incidents happen around Professor Hirokawa Seiji of Ousei University after his wife dies of illness. An unknown woman visits their house and asks if his wife is at home. When he opens the front door, no one is there. Then the president of Ousei University dies all of a sudden. A new style of elections which is open to students too. Hirokawa’s colleague, Professor Ishida Ryuji, takes the lead in drawing voters, while the other professors become paranoid of each other and anonymous documents containing defamatory statements fly about. A disquieting mood begins to hang in the air. Hirokawa has been involved with his wife’s younger sister Mizushima Rei, who is a popular lecturer in the same university, since his wife was alive. They were together at the moment she died. His guilty conscience starts to stir up a vague sense of uneasiness towards the neighbourhood and the elections. Before long, the body of a person who died a bizarre death is found nearby. Hirokawa unknowingly sets foot in the dark desires of too dangerous people. A nurse Rokudo Nanami who is crazy about a host called Hoshiya, a capable lawyer Tsuchida Ritsuko and a suspicious resident Tanokura Kumiko …
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