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Hannari Girori no Yoriko-san

Shindo Yoriko (Yokoyama Yui) who works at a cigarette shop in Kyoto located 2 mins away from a World Heritage site and looks scary with her glaring expression but actually has a heart of gold and is just awkward in front of others. Through the eyes of Yoriko, the famous sights of Kyoto and the little-known culture and habits of Kyoto are introduced in a heartful manner. Nakao Masaki will play Yamada Yuichi who is a magazine editor transferred to the Kyoto office and meets Yoriko when he becomes the neighbour of her childhood friend.
Yokoyama said that she was shocked and happy about being offered her first leading role but she wondered if she was good enough to take this on. With regard to her character, Yokoyama revealed that she can identify with how Yoriko is misunderstood because of her fierce expression because she herself is always viewed negatively in the same way. As Yokoyama also finds it difficult to convey her thoughts, she felt that the two of them are alike in many ways.
Source: Doramaworld
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